Meet TV5’s noontime show ‘Lunch Out Loud’ cast

'Lunch Out Loud'

Lunch Out Loud” is a Philippine noontime variety show set to premiere on TV5 on October 19, 2020. Here are the cast members arranged from the youngest to the oldest:


Macoy Dubs

  • age: 27
  • full name:  Mark Averilla


Alex Gonzaga

  • age: 32
  • full name: Catherine Cruz Gonzaga


Billy Crawford

  • age: 38
  • full name: Billy Joe Ledesma Crawford


Wacky Kiray

  • age: 42
  • full name: Ricardo Balarosa, Jr.


KC Montero

  • age: 42
  • full name: Casey Wyatt Montero Miller


K Brosas

  • age: 45
  • full name: Maria Carmela Brosas


Jeff Tam

  • age: 47
  • full name: Jeffrey Tam


Bayani Agbayani

  • age: 51
  • full name: Bayani Rogacion Jr.


Ariel Rivera

  • age: 54
  • full name: José Ariel Jiménez Rivera


“Lunch Out Loud” will air on TV5 Mondays through Saturdays from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Directed by Johnny Manahan, the show is produced by Brightlight Productions, one of the most recent block time partners of TV5.

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