Ringstar CEO Scott Farrell: Nort Beauchamp, Defry Palulu are very strong contenders


Ringstar Boxing founder and CEO Scott Patrick Farrell received the Orient Promoter of the Year award at the Philippine International Convention Center in Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines on November 17, 2018. During the event, he talked about Nort Beauchamp of New Zealand and Defry Palulu of Indonesia.

Beauchamp holds a professional boxing record of 17 wins and 2 losses while Palulu has 20 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw. The two will see each other in the Ringstar Boxing ring in Singapore in March 2019.

“These are two very strong contenders,” Farrell said of Beauchamp and Palulu. “This is for a regional title, 12 rounds, and look at the quality of it. This is a very solid matchup and you don’t often see this kind of matchup at a world level.”

This type of exciting matchmaking has been par for the course for Farrell over his first two years as a promoter. He will continue to fuel his every move as he builds Ringstar into a global brand straight out of Asia, a formula sure to garner even more accolades and awards in the coming years.

“I want to build Ringstar throughout Asia with integrity, great fights and to make Asian boxers global names through the sport and we are on the way to doing that,” Farrell shared. “We’ve got two IBO world champions and six regional champions. In 2019, I’m looking to put on some good world title fights from Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand.”

“You’re going to see a huge rise in Ringstar and our boxers fighting for some of big titles in the world and then not just moving on but defending that title,” the Ringstar Boxing CEO declared. “When you switch on Ringstar, you know it’s going to be entertaining. It’s going to be great fights and the belt is going to mean something both to the fans, and the fighters involved. This is what everyone likes.”

As a promoter, Farrell acknowledged that he is rolling the dice at times and his guys can sometimes lose. He said, “But you are delivering something that people want to pay for and watch.”

“It gives everybody great value,” Farrell added. “Every time I put two fighters in that ring, I want everyone to say, ‘Great fight. Great match. That’s boxing.”

Meanwhile, here is a clip featuring Farrell:

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